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Bodhi is the annual publication of the samiti published through the untiring efforts of dedicated members like Shri P.S. Kamble of Aurangabad. It encapsulates the activities of the Samiti in the year gone by and contains beautiful poems and inspiring articles by students and staff of our schools and college apart from the regular contributions from the members.

Avashyak Pali (Basic Pali) –  by Ven. Dr. Bhadant Anand Kaushalyayan

The author, a world renowned Buddhist monk, wrote a very easy to understand book for the first publication of the Samiti in 1984. The book is aimed at learning essentials of Pali in just 31 days.

Buddha va Samkalin Bhikshu – by Ven. Savangi Medhankar

The Gospel of Buddha : Translation by Ven. Dr. Bhadant Anand Kaushalyan of the book – The gospel of Buddha by Paul Carus

The beauty of the book is that it is written in very simple Hindi and flows like water. It covers all the essentials of Buddhist Philosophy

Buddha Dharam ka sar:  Translation by Ven. Dr. Bhadant Anand Kaushalyan of the book – The Essence of Buddhism by Prof. P. Lakshmi Narsu

The Essence of Buddhism by Prof. P. Lakshmi Narsu was reprinted in English by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and held best book on Buddhism. Hindi translation was published in 1988, the year when Ven. Dr. Bhadant Anand Kaushalyan got Parnibban. Dr.

Bhadant Anand Kaushalyan jeevan va karya – by Dr. M.L. Gautam (Life and work of Ven. Dr. Bhadant Anand Kausalyan)

This book gives brief biography of this great Monk and main works performed by him.

Samajik Kranti ke Agradut Bhim Sainik: Master R.N. Chavan– by Dr. M.L. Gautam (Ambedkar soldier Social Revolution)

Master Chavan came from very simple and poor family in western Maharashtra. He was brought up by his aunt in Mumbai, where she was working in Cotton Mills. Master Chavan despite being Municipal Corporator in Mumbai for 23 yrs., continued to stay in BDD chawl (10ft.X 12ft. room & toilet facilities common for all staying in chawl) till his death. This book on his life was published in 1994.


Dr. Ambedkar on National Unity and Integration – by Dr. M.L. Gautam – 1993

The author has tried to give realistic analysis of the contribution of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to the Constitution of India. The subject matter of the book deals with Political Philosophy and Constitutional Law – two vitally important areas of contemporary Indian Polity. For the first time, we have a book on a person who contributed his might in shaping the destiny of a great nation and it is also for the first time, we have a book on a subject which tries to simplify and synthesize the most complex ideas of political theory and constitutional law and gives us a readymade material which is most enlightening and fresh.

P.N. Rajbhoj in search of Buddhist identity – by Dr. M.L. Gautam – 1995

This book speaks about life and work of Karmaveer P.N. Rajbhoj, who worked as General Secretary of All India Scheduled Caste Federation, which was established by Babasaheb in 1944. After Babasaheb, P.N Rajbhoj fought for the rights of New Buddhist which finally Govt. of India conceded in 1990. Part-II of the book deals with the issue “Who were the Buddhist Community from the beginning to the time of Babasaheb’s embracing Buddhism on October 14th 1956.

Indian Constitution with Legal Philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar – by Dr. M.L. Gautam – 2002


Buddhacha Manavtela Sandesh – by Dr. M.L. Gautam – 2005 (Buddha’s message to humanity)

This book tries to capture biography of Siddhartha Gautam and his path towards enlightenment.