Dhamma Work

Jetvan Mahavihara, Dhansari, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Our organization believes that while education is the key to a dynamic, open and mobile society, the secular and humanistic message of Lord Buddha would lead to an enlightened and equalitarian society. In pursuance of this noble objective the samiti is constructing a Mahavihar adjacent to Dr Ambedkar Centenary College. The land for this vihar was obtained from a Muslim friend Haji Abdul Hakim in 2006. Close friends, both Buddhists & Non-Buddhist played a crucial role in arranging donations for this big project.

In April 2008 a 13 feet tall standing Buddha statue was inaugurated by Bhante Sashan Rashmi of Sarnath thus bringing the message of Buddha to the rural heartland.

Short History:

According to history, a trader called Sudutta (Anathpindak) wanted to build a Vihara for Buddha & his sangha. To purchase the land for this purpose he approached Jetavan, Prince of Shravasti (in U.P). Sudutta was interested in a piece of land and enquired about the cost. Jeatvan replied, all the land that Sudutta can cover with gold coins will be his. Jetavan was surprised when Sudutta was able to cover the entire land with gold coins except a small portion of the land. Impressed by Sudatta’s devotion towards Lord Buddha, Jetvan denoted the remaining part of the land. In return, Sudutta (Anathpindak) declared that the vihara to be built on this land would be named as “Jetavan Mahavihara”.

Although princes do not exist in India anymore, however the large heartedness of the kind and friends and their devotion to Dhamma made possible this Mahavira.This Mahavihara will remain for very long time offering blessing of Dhamma and Tathagata to those who will visit this pious place