This endeavour of our organization has been possible due to the donations received both small and large from thousands of people both Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike and the untiring efforts of our Chairman and other members to solicit donations by conducting number of charity drives among many villages, towns and cities in Maharashtra, U.P, and few other states.

Although we value all the donors and are thankful to each and every one of them we especially thank Trilokya Baudha Mahasanha of the Karuna Trust, London and Mahatma Phule Trust for their timely and large sum grants for our cause.


SGSSS being a non-profit, charitable institution with noble plans but limited resources, a little help in monetary form or kind is always welcome. Currently we require funds for the construction of Jetavan Mahavihar at Dhansari so that work can commence at full pace. Apart from this donations are also used for upgrading facilities and meeting resource shortfall at our educational institutions.

Patrons may also donate for specific cause or institution like Mahavihar, School, College etc. Rest assured that all donations would be fruitfully utilized and for the specific purpose for which the grant was made.

For donations, please contact the office at the following numbers:

Dhansari, Aligarh: +91-5723-222897

PNRI, Nagpur:      +91-712-2021843

Dr M.L. Gautam: +91-712-2231376