About us

Siddharth Gautam Sikshan and Sanskriti Samiti (SGSSS) is a socio-religious, non-profit organization founded in 1966 working among some of the poorest and marginalized sections of Indian society.

Our organization is successfully running two schools, one college and one coaching institution for grooming future civil servants. It is worth noting that all our institutions have been established from charitable contributions and continue to be financed in varying degrees from charity.

The focus of our activities is providing affordable and quality education to the underprivileged sections of the society in the rural hinterland of North, Central and Western India. Our organization has also published various religious books in different languages and is currently engaged in constructing a magnificent Buddhist Jetavan Mahavihar at Dhansari, Aligarh, and approximately 100 kms from Agra in Uttar Pradesh.


  • To establish and operate educational institutions
  • To establish and operate hostels for underprivileged children
  • To uplift and reform the society through religious & educational activities
  • To establish and operate support centers for the poor
  • To spread the Buddha’s message of peace and loving kindness

The organization traces its roots to truly humble beginnings made by its founder and Chairman Dr. M.L.Gautam (IAS retd.) in 1966 under the banner of ‘Jatav Sudhar Samiti’. It had simple but far reaching objectives of stopping people from gambling, consuming tobacco & alcohol and certain developmental activities like digging and repairing wells, water tanks, in short to bring about a silent social revolution in the rural hinterland.

This informal organization finally turned into SGSSS in 1984 and launched its educational activities.

Samiti’s Foundations:

  • Shri Pyarelal Adarsh Junior High School, Dhansari, Aligarh -1985
  • Karmveer P.N. Rajbhoj Institute of coaching & socio-religious studies, Nagpur-1992
  • Shri Pyarelal Adarsh High School and Inter College, Dhansari, Aligarh -1994
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Janmashatabdi (Centenary) Mahavidyalaya (College), Dhansari, Aligarh -1997
  • Jetavan Mahavihar Dhansari, Aligarh-2006